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New SIngle Knot Can Bleach Lace Wig Is Selling Hot Now

New procucts are coming now , are you ready to test them?

Don't mission it ,let me tell you the unique advantage of our new wigs

No.1 New 5.0 Single Knot Can belach Lace wig

Now normal single knot can't part anywhere ,and can't bleach. So we use new technology to do single knot. It's called New 5.0 single knot .

This is the videos link:


No.2 Fake Scalp New Single Knot Lace Wig

Fake scalp hair wig has a best advantage is you don't need wig cap anymore . If you choose this wig , you will knot what's the comfortable wearing .

This is the videos link of fake scalp :


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