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The New Single Knot HD Lace Are Coming And They Are Selling Hot

Dear ,Are you tired of the normal lace now ?

Don't worry dear , this new single knot HD lace must suitable for you !

Please look the detail pictures!

No.1 What's the Single not ?

Look at the picture , we can find the single knot is more natural than normal double knot . When you wear the single knot will, I can promise that nearly no one can find you wear a wig .

Why the single knot is more natural than normal knots ?

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Then you will know the reason .

No.2 What's the HD lace ?

Like this picture,maybe someone can't find the difference of the transparent lace between the HD lace.

First we must know the transparent lace medium brown lace and regular lace belong to the normal lace .

The different of them is color, transparent lace more suitable for light skin. But the HD lace more suitable for everyone.

Except that ,the HD lace is thinner and more breathable than normal lace . So the HD lace is very purple . HD lace closure HD lace frontal and HD lace 360 wigs also are very purple.

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You will see the real effect of HD lace.

If you are interested in the HD lace ,welcome to order one to test, Michael is waiting to you !

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